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Power Crystal - Rose Quartz


Prefect for home studios and recording artists. Tested and recommended by Bad Format music & media production company. The love stone, opens the heart chakra, has a calm and soothing energy. Is often used in love spells and helps remove feelings of guilt, fear and resentment, especially within love and family relationships.  Beautiful, light pink Rose quartz is known for bringing in abundance. I have learned that this happens only when we are learning self-love, self-empowerment, and self-trust.  This crystal helps us feel compassion and softens the walls around our heart that we have erected. What I now understand, is that if you have walls around your heart, (most of us do because of traumas we’ve experienced) we think we are protecting ourselves by blocking out the bad stuff but instead we are also blocking out the good stuff. Rose Quartz is a great stone to crumble away the walls around your heart and build yourself back up into your vibrant, loved, empowered, trusting self. 

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