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Acoustic Wall Panels Sound Proofing Foam Pads Studio Treatments Tool - 24PCS


Prefect for home studios and recording artists. Tested and recommended by Bad Format music & media production company. 



Made from high grade acoustic 25Kg/M3 open cell foam. 

A contemporary wedge profile.

Effective and looks great on your studio walls.

Can be applied to treat medium to high frequency reflections,reverberation and 

standing wave problems.

Adopt specially designed foam for acoustic purposes.

Good structure and open cell ration.

Helps to improve the acoustics in your studio.




Color: black

Density: 25Kg/M3

Profile: Wedge 20 base 25 Rise

Temperature resistance: -30 to + 110 degrees Celsius

Fire resistance: BS4735, UL94-HF1

Self extinguishing: FMVSS 302

Weighted absorption coefficient: 0.75

Absorption Coefficient:

0.85 @ 1000KHz

>1.0 > 5000KHz

1 Panel Size:300*300*25mm

Package included: 

24 x Acoustic Foam Panels



Product compression packaging ,The product can be restored to its original appearance after a period of time.

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